htmlrename - rename html file and directory pairs.


htmlrename oldbasename newbasename


Html files saved from the web are generally in two parts: The file itself, and a directory which contains data, especially graphics, that are displayed in the html page.

Htmlrename renames both the file and directory, and also performs a fetch and replace of the directory name as often as it occurs in the html file.


Do not include the ".htm" part of the filename when using htmlrename.

Htmlrename will not work with non-unique VFAT filenames.


Web page authors often include unusual punctuation in the names of their creations. Htmlrename handles most of it, but not all.

This utility is a hack rather than a serious program. Please don't use htmlrename with irreplaceable data. ;^/
If htmlrename fails, have a look in /tmp for lost files.


Steven Atkinson (stevenaaus (at) yahoo (dot) com)